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The disconnect between urban and rural ways of life has never been bigger.  As time marches on, folks living inside towns or larger urban areas continue to lose both their understanding and patience for aerial applicators and they all have a phone with an HD video camera glued to their hand at all times.  They simply don't understand and don't care that disease or insect pressure is threatening your yields and your ability to pay your bills come harvest.  Growers who once had fields that were a mile or two away from town now are facing unstoppable urban expansion.  A new housing development or apartment complex seems to appear every year.  While we still have the right to continue to operate normally with manned aircraft, the conflict caused is neither good for business or the grower.

Until now, the increase in complaints has led to having to tell long standing customers: "Sorry, we can't spray this."  Well, not anymore.  As an added bonus, we will also be able to spray fields for customers we have previously had to turn away because the fields were either too small or too dangerous to spray with a manned aircraft.

Our Unmanned Aerial Application Capabilities

Sensitive or Dangerous Areas

  • Fields close to urban or other populated areas
  • Fields full of wires or other obstacles too dangerous to spray with manned aircraft

Small Jobs

  • Pivot Corners
  • Fields too small to economically be sprayed with manned aircraft
  • Test Plots
  • Vineyards

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