Our Fleet
Reliable, well maintained aircraft
and ground support equipment

Reliability. on purpose.

During the application season every minute of every day matters.  Downtime is simply not an option.  We have invested significant time and money into building a fleet of reliable aircraft and ground support equipment.

Bell 206L "Longranger"

A variant of the Bell 206 family, the Longranger added a bigger engine and middle row seating to the B206 Jetranger, making it longer. Hence the name. The Longranger has become an industry favorite the world over.  With nearly double the horsepower and double the tank capacity of the OH58 and Jetranger our Longrangers are ready to cover big acres.  Capable of covering 3000+ Acres per day.

  • Number in Fleet: 2
  • Horsepower: L3:650 L4:726
  • Fuel Burned Per Hour: 38 Gallons

Bell OH58A+ "Kiowa"

Originally designed for the US Army the OH58 was built for both scouting and direct fire support.  Armaments included 7.62mm Miniguns, .50 caliber machine guns, rockets, and even Stinger air to air missiles.  In later years it became the US Army's main training aircraft until they were officially retired, de-militarized, and auctioned to the civilian market.  

Now only slightly less dangerous armed with a spray tank, the OH58 is the workhorse of our Fleet.  We purchased our first OH58 in 2004 and it quickly proved itself capable of the task at hand. Our OH58s are capable of spraying 2000+ acres per day

  • Number in Fleet: 3
  • Horsepower: 420
  • Fuel Burned Per Hour: 25 gallons

Air Tractor 402

The iconic yellow spray plane. In operation in every corner of the world, the Air Tractor series of airplanes has proven to be a reliable and safe aircraft. It is tough enough to work off of remote airstrips to ensure it can reach any job. The Air Tractor is so capable, it is now in service with US special forces for observation and close air support.

We operate the 400 gallon variant of the Air Tractor, upgraded to a larger
PT6-34 engine.

  • Number in Fleet: 2
  • Horsepower: 750
  • Fuel Burned Per Hour: 58 Gallons

Bell 206B3 "Jetranger"

The Jetranger is one of, if not the most, iconic helicopter ever built. Worldwide it has flown over 38 million flight hours and is the safest single engine helicopter ever produced.

  • Number in Fleet: 1
  • Horsepower: 420
  • Fuel Burned Per Hour: 25 gallons

grumman ag cat

One of the first ever purpose built Agriculture planes. The Ag Cat boasts legendary durability and reliability. Our Ag Cat is upgraded to a PT6 Turbine engine.

  • Number in Fleet: 1
  • Horsepower: 680
  • Fuel Burned Per Hour: - Gallons

piper super cub

The Super Cub is a small but capable two seat tail wheel airplane. Used for pilot training.

  • Number in Fleet: 1
  • Horsepower: 150
  • Fuel Burned Per Hour: 9 gallons

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Sheridan County is ground zero for the fight against invasive grasses, especially ventenata in Wyoming.  Bighorn Flying Co. Vice President and Chief Pilot Jamie Foy has been at the tip of the spear in the fight against ventenata from the very beginning and has worked closely with local government agencies, chemical manufacturers and landowners to help determine the best techniques and management practices for controlling this threat to our native range ecosystem.   We work with NRCS, W&P districts, conservation districts and the WY G&F as part of a team effort to control invasive species.  We participate in the NE Wyoming Invasive Grass Working Group (NEWIGWG) to stay informed and involved in the overall fight against invasive grasses in our area.