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Why Choose Us?

Family-Owned and Operated, Just Like You.

For 29 Years, our family business has survived on our core principals. Hard work, quality over quantity, and fair prices


We are Nebraska's oldest helicopter operator. No one else can match our level of experience and expertise. Period.

Always Prepared

We have invested significant amounts of time and money into building a fleet of reliable, well maintained helicopters and nurse trucks.


Aerial Application

Precision Aerial Application preformed inside your scheduled treatment window. We are Nebraska's oldest helicopter "crop dusting" operation. For 29 years we have consistently demonstrated that using a helicopter is the superior method of flying on crop protection products.

  • Superior Canopy Penetration
  • Superior Deposition
  • Increased Yields over an airplane

Seed Corn Production

Simply put, we're seed corn experts.  Seed corn has made up roughly half of our business since 1995.  Your treatment schedule is a "zero failure" mission.  We have the equipment and logistical know how to work around your crews and still get the job done on schedule.  Our pilots are also experienced pollinators.

  • Superior Yields
  • Pollination
  • 100% Custom Application

Unmanned Solutions

We really don't like telling anybody "No, we can't do that." Instead, we're setting up an unmanned division. Initially we will offer aerial application solutions via drone, followed by imaging solutions for your agronomy needs.

  • Small fields, test plots, or pivot corners not economical to spray with full sized manned aircraft
  • Fields too close to towns and other sensitive inhabited areas
  • Fields with numerous obstacles that cannot be safely sprayed by manned aircraft

About Us

Our Fleet

We have a fleet of reliable and safe aircraft ready and waiting to handle any sized job.

modern technology

The days of human flaggers and toilet paper marking disks are long gone.  Our aircraft are equipped with state of the art GPS guidance and flow control systems.

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