Our company's story begins with seed corn.  Originally founded in a 3 way partnership between our family patriarch and two large family operated seed farms looking for something better than what the local airplanes were offering.

Since then, seed corn has made up roughly 50% of our business.  We have mastered the aerial sector of seed production working closely with our growers to meet their every need, when they need it.  We have a deep understanding of all stages of seed production and all the logistical issues you deal with on a day to day basis.  Cutters, detasseling crews, inspectors, agronomists, irrigation schedules, machinery break downs, weather, the list is a mile long and we've seen and solved every problem.  We take great pride in our ability to deliver top quality aerial coverage of your seed while expertly working around your schedule.

Our Seed Production Capabilities

Aerial Application

Unmatched coverage and canopy penetration. You'll see increased yields over an airplane by switching to helicopter.  Always applied on schedule and with live, field by field communication from your assigned pilot if required.


Its the Midwest.  The wind will blow until you need it to.  Our pilots are experienced pollinators and can ensure the pollen is flying inside the critical window for cross pollination.

100% Custom Application

We understand the need to be totally flexible when it comes to your applied product needs.  A customer might require that a certain product be flown on to a certain hybrid, while a different hybrid in the same field requires something else. No problem!

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